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You beat the competition and focus on primary business objectives, while shifting your back office operations to us.

How it Works

Every business has core operations and non-core operations. We look after your non-core operations with true diligence and knowledge. With us, you save time and money to be utilized for the greater value adding activities. We maintain a complete transparency throughout our process.

Our Quick Value Deliverance (QVD) Business Model ensures thorough knowledge transfer, process replication, and transition, leading to seamless and smooth execution to meet or exceed the SLAs, cost savings estimates, and quality metrics.

How We Work

 Defining Scope and Objectives

We recognize the processes that can give you the competitive advantage and save cost.

 Identifying Areas for Improvement

We evaluate the areas for improvement in terms of internal departments, Service, and workforce. We use the sophisticated, time-tested, and tough procedure for process analysis and mapping.

 Simplifying the process

We break down the entire process into small steps, allocate the dedicated human resources, and fulfill technology requirement.

 Creating a Pilot Plan

We communicate and evaluate the execution thoroughly with the participants and create a Pilot Plan. It also involves setting up connectivity between client and process team. We design strategy to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time.

 Evaluating & Reevaluating the Process

After conducting customer interactions, we know whether or not the change we are about to introduce is acceptable to you. We review and check to eliminate defects and redundancies.

 Finalizing the Process

Together with you, we prepare a mutually recognized and prioritized list of processes to be mapped, transitioned, and outsourced by evaluating the cost and other benefits.

Whether your organization requires implementing traditional or fully integrated wireless services, we deliver proven, scalable, and secure infrastructure you need. Starting from Billing, Information Management, Accounting, Reconciliation, to Customer Service, we provide the customized solution designed to meet the specific requirement of each business type. Our services remain flexible and dynamic throughout the execution and stand out in the ever-evolving marketplace. Our process management and optimization techniques provide lower turnaround times, additional cost savings, and significantly better quality.

Our methodology ensures that there are sufficient in-process checkpoints, tags to evaluate process efficiency and eliminate wasteful redundancies. A handpicked support team of qualified Quality Managers, Process Consultants, and Project Managers who help our process improvement and optimization initiative constantly supports our Execution teams.