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Ensuring cost optimization to improve the Bottom Line

Paying attention to details, Telecom Audit helps to detect and reveal errors which can impact the revenue. It provides an opportunity to recover the lost revenue and mitigates possibilities of any future errors. The Industry statistics show that the carrier pays the dealer only about 80% of the claim in the first instance. Our approach is to evaluate all your expenditure and implement the proven methodologies to ensure the rapid realization of savings. Our telecom audit has two basic phases:

01Data Acquisition and Analysis

We compare your invoices with Carrier Portal, take the necessary action, do the changes, and ensure 99% recovery rate.

02Reporting and File Claim

We examine all the data and propose you the best model to file claims with the carrier.

Though complex and time consuming, Audit is vital for small as well as big enterprises to keep a trail on the expenses and unnecessary cash loss.


Lessens your workload, reduces manual errors, and fasters productivity

While a much daunting task is been taken care by Airware Inc., you align your expertise to corner the market. By partnering with us for your payroll tax compliance, you save time, manpower, and get a great control over your payroll taxes. We help you with labor arbitrage and cost reduction related to office infrastructure and Government Employment Regulations. We help in keeping your overhead low and managing the payroll as well as tax calculations.

Our solutions are flexible to upscale your business as it grows. A dependable and hard-working team helps meeting the demands of a complete payroll system, including wages, withheld taxes, commission and Federal and State Regulations. We have served a diverse range of SMEs with different salary structures and help them with cost savings. At your convenience, we virtually eradicate the burden linked to employer and employee tax calculations.

Benefits of our Solution:
  • Reduces IT infrastructure costs
  • Quickly meets the deadlines with accuracy
  • Reduces risks concerning compliance and penalties
  • Increases productivity and better resource deployment
  • Maintains the entire payroll cycle from joining-to-relieving
  • Promptly addresses employee’s queries
  • Secures your every information

Management Information System (MIS) Reporting

Transforming usual data into useful information to stay organized

We provide you an easy and quick way to evaluate and identify your company’s positives and weaknesses with the help of a comprehensive review of your critical business functions and operations. It is not just the data we create, but the useful information for better decision making. MIS Reporting automatically collects the data from various areas of your business, matches your business strength with the available business opportunities, and helps to produce daily reports that can foster decision making and progress tracking. While your ERP provides the normal daily operations, MIS almost always works for the purpose of management.

Within your business hierarchy, from assistants to the executives, the report can be generated on-demand anytime to evaluate the day-to-day activities, support managerial decisions, and problems that may arise. From decision makers to action takers, when it comes to determining the goals and making sure the planning is implemented, MIS reporting is a great help to benefit from investments in workforce, business process, and equipment.

How our MIS Reporting can benefit your Organization?
  • Managing and Controlling how your resources will be used
  • Providing in-depth analysis of critical business and operational processes
  • Distributing and managing the company policies
  • Analyzing the past performance and company structure
  • Providing quick, comprehensive, and anytime reporting and planning
  • Expanding business with stability and efficiency
  • Keeping the track of key metrics and sales performance

We understand, analyze, gather, and examine your business environment to develop a business vision promising clarity and honesty. With us, you know where to invest the capital and from where to withdraw the responsibilities. You get to know what is helping and who is not.

Our services are Accurate, Consistent, Comprehensive, Relevant, and On-Time.

Finance and Accounting

Outsourcing some of your Finance and Accounting functions will save your human resource, money, and release your burden to focus more on the core business operations. We provide low-cost Finance and Accounting solutions to make your business more efficient and market-driven. By bringing together the best of expertise with thoughtfully designed software, we integrate the billing and payment systems with your customers & vendors and bring orders to your complex Back Office operations.

We have a dedicated team of Certified Public Accountants, Cost Management Experts, and Chartered Accountants with expertise in US GAAP. Our solutions are flexible and dynamic to support any future change in the business with extensive care. No personal identified data is sent or shared; your business is safe with us.

Our solutions help you with:

  • Updating Bank transactions (paid, withdrawn, or transferred)
  • Analyzing and preparing discrepancy reports
  • Reconciliation of deposited cash/ credit cards
  • Updating line of credit based on amortization statements
  • Annual and monthly Financial adjustments
  • Reporting cash flow affecting liquidity
  • Updating the sales register on an accrual basis
  • Vendor account reconciliation
  • Reconciling the Bill and Inventory payments
  • Remotely printing of checks
  • Financial reporting along with cash flow, last year’s trend, BS, and P&L reporting
  • Trend and comparison analysis report
  • Updating payroll information

We believe no two businesses are same so, why should the solution be? We respect your vision and principles and that they are different. Our customized solutions fit in your business effortlessly and are conversant with your business goals.

Finance and Accounting Services
Account Payable Management
  • Payable entry and matching of Purchase order
  • Check and Credit card processing
  • Customer and Vendor Maintenance Service
  • Expense and Travel Claims processing
Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Analysis of financial statement, balance sheet, budget, and cash flow
  • Web-based MIS reporting and management
  • Year-after-year comparison, forecasting, and analysis of assets, revenue, cost, and profit
Accounts Receivables Management
  • Sales order management
  • Preparing invoices
  • Matching the receivable collection
  • Custom accounts receivable reporting
Bank Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of Bank records and internal records
  • Reconciliation credit billings and internal records
  • Reconciliation of General Ledger and tax invoices
Account Consolidation
  • Aligning standardized procedures with statutory requirements
  • Account consolidation entry as per US GAAP rules
General Ledger and Bookkeeping
  • Accurate day-to-day timely bookkeeping
  • Record financial transactions (sales, purchase, income, and payments)
  • Maintain and track your expenses
  • Collect essential financial information for Tax returns

Our ingenious methodology and global delivery model have let us empower Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with business automation, engagement, and efficiency. Behind our passion for process and operational excellence lies a constant spirit to provide innovative solutions that can accelerate workflows for the global businesses. Transparency, dedication, and extensive business care are the three things we thrive for.

Note that our services are not limited to the ones mentioned above. We provide the tailor-made solution to meet the special business requirements.